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Inversions Back to Basics

If the idea of balancing on your head/hands/arms/shoulders simply lights your fire, you may hop right up. If you have fears surrounding inversions, you may need more encouragement. But whether inverting excites you or terrifies you, there is a heap of benefits available at your white-knuckled finger-tips when you go upside down. Here are a few:

*Gives you an energy boost
*Allows for a complete focus on the present moment
*Provides a change of perspective
*Is healthy for the heart
*Sends a rush of blood to the brain
*Builds core strength
*Builds upper body strength
*Is really fun!

In this 90 minute workshop students will "get curious" about inversions. Let go of fears of going upside down using some fun exercises. Reset expectations and move through poses to invert with compassion. Students will play and practice what has been learned. Get ready for some fun!


There are no prerequisites for this class. Come invert yourself and see what comes UP!