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Anchored in the Breath: Yoga and Healing

This workshop like class we will explore breathwork and its purpose within the context of our yoga practice and daily life. We will breakdown various pranayama techniques, and how to utilize these techniques both on and off the mat. Class will conclude with a powerful Reiki infused Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath leaving you cleansed and vibrant.

Experience stress-reduction like you've never felt, connect with your higher consciousness, allow your body to go back into vibrational alignment, and allow yourself to heal at a cellular level. Come and benefit from the tranquility of sound healing and Reiki energy work. At a cellular level, we are 75% water. As the vibrations of the crystal and Tibetan singing bowls pass over our body (which is why it is also known as a sound bath), our brain waves go from Beta to Theta, and sometimes, if we go deep enough, to Delta. Our normal waking consciousness corresponds to the Beta state. With intentional breathing you’ll enter a state of absolute bliss.

-Guided Breath Work
-Reiki Healing and Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

$25 (Sound Bath Only)

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