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Essential Sequencing: Warriors and Twists

Warrior and Standing poses are basic to any Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. But because these classes often move at a quick pace, there is little time for individual instruction on the proper execution of poses. Twists rotate the spine and strengthen and stretch the muscles. This helps to restore and retain the spine’s natural range of motion, which tends to decrease as we age. They stimulate circulation, creating heat and releasing tension in the muscles of the spine, abdomen and rib cage which helps other systems in the body (such as digestion and elimination) work more effectively. At the emotional level, these postures ground us, connect us with the earth element, and center our minds. These benefits are available to all of us, but the degree to which we absorb them is limited by the quality of our practice and the precision of our alignment. In this workshop, we will pause and break down, then reconstruct, the Warrior asanas for a better, safer flow. Furthermore, we’ll explore passive and active twists in ways that specifically suit our own unique body and practice.

The workshop will teach you how to:

- Strengthen your outer Warrior through proper alignment
- Strengthen your inner Warrior and build your self esteem
- Focus on external hip rotators for the Warrior 2 series and neutral hip rotators for the Warrior 1 series
- Connect your Warrior to Down Dog, Twists and other poses to streamline your flow
- Understand the different body types to determine best alignment practices
- Avoid the most common mistakes when practicing Warriors and Twists

Please bring your questions as we will save time to answer them at the end of the workshop.

All levels welcome.

What to Bring:
Notebook and Pen
Smile :)