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Intro to Breath Work

Intro to breathwork will introduce you to the basics of the brain, including the difference between our fight or flight and rest and digest responses. We will explore a variety of breathing techniques such as box breathing, alternative nostril and bee's breath, so that you may pick a technique that feels good to you.

Instructor: Erin Lee Henshaw of The Mind Body Project
Erin Lee Henshaw is a mindful facilitator and co-founder of The Mind Body Project. She founded this company in Beijing in 2015 to bring balanced wellness to expats. Erin believes in experiential learning and taught mindfulness programs for schools, companies and communities in Africa, Indonesia, China and with the Contemplative Sciences Center at the University of Virginia. Erin has studied Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety + Depression, Mindfulness in Schools, MBSR Meditation and Free Diving, and specializes in trauma-informed facilitator trainings, breathwork and applied mindfulness for entrepreneurs and neuro-divergents. Her teaching philosophy is to share personal experiences, offer science-backed tools for growth and to create communities of trust to experience our shared humanity.