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Tantric Workshop

Tantric Workshop

  • Feeling blocked

  • Feeling unproductive

  • Feeling unworthy

  • Need to improve your connections and intimacy

Let's release tension, stress, anxiety, fears, doubt, depression and all that is holding you back and come alive again feeling lighter and happier to open to the love we all deserve!

Tantric Expansion will balance the emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological and physical states.

We will begin with a discussion of what Tantra is as well as partake in tantric rituals and Tantric Active Meditation.

Tantric Active Meditations are meditations created by Osho in which we use breath, sound and movement to release trauma, blockages and repression within the body.

Osho represents a revolution in making meditation, mindfulness, awareness, consciousness. His understanding is that when people try to “sit silently” as is widely recommended, they will notice the chatter and chaos within their heads. This difficulty frustrates people thus making them quit meditation or not even trying to start for fear of failure.
However, Osho points out, if we move our bodies “madly” – to express and release our accumulated stress and tensions – then we discover that the center is silent. Thus getting us to the desired state in meditation.

Most importantly however, these active meditations are is an ongoing transformational process which helps us master our mind and body, eventually enabling us to achieve a blissful and abundant state in our daily lives.

August 10th @10am--1pm

Earlier Event: August 6
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Later Event: August 10
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