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What is fascia?

Every muscle and structure is surrounded and penetrated by an interconnected tissue network. The tissue is called fascia. Fascia helps contribute to the structure and functioning of the entire body. Over time the fascia tissue can become unhealthy due to lifestyle choices, previous injury and much more. Massaging the fascia, with the FasciaBlaster tools, can temporarily provide a number of benefits similar to a skilled massage.

fascia knowledge is life changing

During a 90-day study that tested the effects of the Tools, ultrasound imaging showed the fascia tissue smoothing out and restoring from the skin layer down to the femur bone. Even an untrained eye can see how the “white tissue” was entangled and distorted in the “before” picture, then "smoothed out" after only 90 days. Since the fascial system houses and encases the blood vessels, you can imagine the impact healthy fascia can temporarily have on blood flow.