Jen came to yoga as a high school soccer player, looking for a way to reduce pain in her head and back. Her mother taught her some yoga poses she had learned while preparing for posture competitions back in the day! After high school, Jen experienced yoga in a group class for the first time, and appreciated the sense of community she felt with other students, and the way her teacher helped her transcend daily challenges and find a true mind-body connection. She has returned to yoga many times over the years for these reasons. Now, after completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training, she is inspired to create the same experience for her students:  a welcoming community; a safe space in which all levels and abilities feel at home; an opportunity to challenge, celebrate, and listen to our bodies; a way to move through mental, emotional, and physical obstacles; the development of a healthy mind-body connection; and a spiritual journey for those who seek it. She looks forward to sharing the many joys of yoga with you!