Yoga as My Therapy” has been my personal journey since I first began practicing yoga in 2007, and it developed into a never-ending mental, spiritual, and physical cure. YOU can “HEAL YOURSELF”, is the foundation of my yoga journey and for my interest in pursuing my Master of Science degree in Yoga Therapy with MUIH, MD, IAYT accredited.

As a Yoga Therapist, I customize the session as a multidimensional practice, designed to explore the subjective causes of suffering and pain. This protocol is based on the understanding that human beings are made of five living domains, physical, psychological, cognitive, social, and spiritual, and when one of them malfunctions, all the others are affected, creating a unique experience of pain.

During a one-on-one session, I help clients develop self-awareness, working on the clients’ goals for improved wellbeing: a typical intake session includes an interview, a physical assessment, breathing techniques, restorative poses, mindful / somatic yoga movements, meditation, and imagery.

During yoga therapy, mental and spiritual health in improved, which provides healing.

Yoga adapted as a preventing therapy has evidence-based confirmation to improve one’s lifestyle, and inhibits genetic predisposition of most chronic diseases from taking place, such as hypertension and diabetes. Yoga adapted as a therapy has a direct impact on the psycho neuro endocrinology circuit, which helps reduce chronic dependence on medications.

During a yoga therapy session, I rely on the use of props (i.e. blocks, bolsters, straps, chairs, and the wall) which are necessary to align our bodies and restore the natural flow of our breath, thus improving our cardiovascular and neurological functions. I specialize on the reduction of chronic pain, personality disorders, PTSD. I provide specialized therapy for women’s health, such as menopause.

I work with individuals of all ages and regardless of injury. All information shared during a yoga therapy session is confidential and protected by HIPAA.