Yoga has been the foundation of my life. I did not realize it would have such a profound effect on me when I began in 2004. It allows me to be honest and genuine. It allows me to connect: to myself, others, life and God. It has taught me to believe in infinite possibilities and potential. It is a vast ocean of knowledge and reminds me that life is for learning and loving. I have studied power, jivamukti, hot hatha, ashtanga, restorative, yin and vinyasa. My passion lies in sharing and creating community at MYBO.

Massage Therapy:
I have been practicing massage therapy since 2001. I have worked in deep tissue clinics, done corporate massage and traveled to people’s homes. I think of massage as a necessary component to health and healing. I look at it as a privilege to hold that therapeutic space for and with someone so the client can then move deeper into their internal healing. Breath is an important factor in massage. The breath moves energy and stagnation. I will tend to incorporate energy healing, cranio sacral, Ashiatsu, essential oils and prayer in my massage sessions.