Whether you are ready to teach, looking for a deeper connection with yoga, or you want to find your community - our trainings will strengthen, challenge, and give you tools to live a more purposeful life overall.  Join us and explore the full spectrum of yoga - from its roots in India to its evolution into our modern lives. 

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200hr Registered Yoga teacher training

Do you want to become a yoga teacher or deepen your own practice? Would you like to immerse yourself in practice where you can fine tune your asanas but also dive deeper into the teachings, history and philosophy of Yoga to set you apart from all the many other yoga teachers in the world? Would you like to build a solid foundation in creative class sequencing, vinyasa asana, meditation, breathing technique, devotion, yoga philosophy, restorative yoga, diet and nutrition? Do you want a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) class that is small and focused on you where you are not one of 20+ people needing this individualized attention in this big next chapter of your life? Do you want to leave a YTT knowing more than just 1 class sequence and format that 1 type of yoga studio teaches so that you are able to teach at many studios and to many types of students?


if you answered yes…

Mind Your Body Oasis’ Vinyasa/Flow & Gentle/Yin Teacher Training is a great next chapter in your life as this program differentiates itself in that it is also a wellness, health and nutrition program that teaches YOU how to create creative sequencing.  We strongly believe that the practices of yoga, self care regimen, and a solid foundation of nutrition and diet provide a platform and a tool to achieve and believe in yourself and your dreams. This training will be as unique and special as it will be practical. You will learn how you can apply all that you learn directly to becoming a yoga teacher (if that is what you desire) or how to live the healthy life of a yogi more fully in your existence. Everyone at The Oasis is focused on you, your growth, your knowledge and building a community that can be your Oasis…your home.