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Because clothes are worn during a Thai massage, what you wear for your treatment is actually an important consideration. First and foremost, you should wear loose, comfortable clothes that doesn’t restrict any movements. If you have them, flexible garments, like stretchy yoga attire, works really well.


Thanks to all the yoga-like stretches performed by your MYBO Thai massage therapist, the obvious benefits of receiving a Thai massage include looser muscles, increased flexibility, and reduced stress. What people are less likely to expect from a Thai massage is increased energy. We’re conditioned to think of massage as a relaxing activity. However, Thai massage draws from Ayurvedic medical practices, and while the kneading and stretching of muscles relaxes them, the actual goal of a Thai massage therapist is to open up the flow of energy throughout your body. By unblocking your channels and stimulating uninhibited movement through your circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems, a Thai massage promote better overall health, and a refreshed, ready to go feeling.

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