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hot hatha training

This training is for yoga practitioners and teachers who have practiced the MYBO Hot Hatha Classes and Variations (or bikram style and love it but have become bored and want more of a challenge in their practice and teaching). The structure is similar to bikram but the pace, the cues, the environment and the asanas are different as it is MYBO's Hot Hatha.

This training is 16 CEUs. The training opens the potential for a yoga teacher to teach any Hot Hatha at any yoga studio. This is a MYBO Classic Hot Hatha Teacher Training where the 60 and 75 min versions will be taught as well as hands on assists. This Classic Training will set the foundation for advancing to the MYBO Hot Hatha Variations.

We will go over:
Why heat?
Why a structured series that doesn't change?
Class etiquette
Injuries and modifications
Food intake, water and nutrition
Rhythm and cadence
Voice, presence, energy, passion of the teacher
How to instruct beginner, intermediate, advance
Variations: how to advance a pose

You should have practiced 5 classes of each series and Hot Hatha for at least 1 month regularly.