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This curriculum emphasizes the balance between Eastern (ethereal) and Western (material) sciences. With an in depth exploration of meditation, subtle anatomy and physical anatomy learn to teach the subtle qualities of Yin Yoga. Using lectures and guided practice you will develop your own strategies for teaching and working with students to guide them to listen to their body. The deeper you go with your training and self-exploration the more you can help students learn from their own bodies to create a deep tissue massage with their mind.

*** No previous experience required, this training is suitable for beginners to Yin or Yoga in general, those who just want to deepen their practice and/or for those experienced with Yin who want more insight to teach.


* Deepen & explore your own Yin Yoga practice
* Guide a Yin Yoga class of any duration
* Develop & refine Yin Yoga sequences
* Set the proper tone & environment for a Yin Yoga class
* Instruct private Yin Yoga sessions
* Safely cue & adjust a wide array of student needs
* Create a safe & supportive space for students
* Respond appropriately to student questions


* Yin asana [standard 20+ poses]
* Tao + Yin Yang Philosophy
* Yin Yoga theory + history
* Meditation techniques + applications
* Muscular/Skeletal Anatomy
* Anatomical variation
* Joints & Connective Tissue
* Fascia
* Yin asana [+15 non-standard poses]
* Meridian Channels
* Chi
* Chakras
* Subtle Anatomy
* Breathing methods to enhance Yin practice
* Organs/Systems of the body
* Yin Yoga teaching methodology
* Yin Yoga propping and cueing
* Yin Yoga sequencing

The Course Schedule:
May 3-12, 2019

Fridays = 5pm-10pm [5 hours]
Saturdays+Sundays = 8am-7pm [11 hours each]
Monday-Thursday = 5pm-9pm [4 hours each]

Total contact hours = 70

REGISTRATION: Register with or stop by the studio.

PRICE: EarlyBird Price = $1095 (must reserve by February 12th, 2019)

Regular Price is $1295 (After February 12th, 2019)