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Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates, Spa - Arlington, VA

Mind Your Body Oasis 

About MYBO

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Our Mission is…

To provide an oasis—a place to escape the stressors of daily life. We are strategically situated right in heart of Crystal City and Arlington, an area where hustle and bustle abound. We like to think of ourselves as a safe getaway, where you can step away from the noise, recharge and center yourself, and prepare for the world outside.

We seek to help you find your bliss by nourishing your body, mind, and spirit in a caring, upscale, and professional environment.

Our Primary Offerings Include:

  • Yoga, Hot Yoga and Pilates

  • Tailored Massage Offerings

  • Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

  • Infrared Heat Therapy

Our licensed, experienced, and compassionate guides and therapists offer the latest in alternative fitness techniques, skin treatments, body treatments, anti-aging therapies, and nutritional wellness.

Come to relax, to heal, and to find an even deeper connection to yourself and community. Find your inner bliss at Mind Your Body Oasis.

For more information or to consult with a MYBO guide or therapist, please call us at (703) 567-1290.


Amanda Shipe

Founder & CEO

Certified Pilates Instructor / Registered Yoga Teacher / Certified Holistic Health Coach

I opened Mind Your Body Oasis (MYBO) to provide people a space to escape from life, to heal from physical injury and emotional trauma, and garner strength from the shared energy this amazing community continues to create. On my journey, I have learned so much about chronic illness and how to reverse it with food and nutrition, as well as how to live optimally, as an athlete and health-oriented person. I strongly believe that what you feed yourself is 80% of wellness and your mind-body connection is essential to emotional evolution. I also believe that the effects of stress are far reaching and can make even the healthiest person ill. We are all under tremendous stress with work, material gain, family responsibilities, and the speed with which we are going through life. I apply my life’s journey and related knowledge to my daily work and with the students I teach and clients I coach.

My love for Pilates stem from a knee injury incurred while training for my first triathlon. I was advised by an orthopedic surgeon that I should never run or do high impact activity again. I thought life had ended (because I turned 30 on that exact day). Rather than pursuing the suggested surgical route, I started intensive acupuncture therapy and began Pilates to maintain my workout regimen. A lot of surprising results followed: I healed and strengthened my knees, significantly decreased my waistline, avoided surgery, and felt the extremely powerful benefits of an exercise that works with (rather than against) the body. As I healed, I began practicing Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, became certified to teach Pilates in 2007 and earned my Hot Yoga Teacher certification in 2011. Yoga changed my life: it made me calmer, happier, more patient, thoughtful, compassionate, and mellow.

My approach to wellness is holistic because I feel the body knows how to heal itself when provided with what the earth provides naturally. Stress reduction techniques and activities, like meditation and yoga, and all forms of alternative medicine are necessary partners to support the healing process. I apply an individualized health regimen when coaching clients that guides the healing process but everyone is genetically individual and have different histories and life experiences as well as mindsets and personality dispositions. All of these aspects must be considered when creating new habits, changing lifestyles and achieving health goals.

Life is short! I believe in going for it, which is why I am so happy to support local businesses and help others starting a business to chase their dreams through collaborative efforts with MYBO. MYBO’s vision is to provide many healing forms of Yoga, Pilates, alternative fitness, meditation, therapeutic spa services, top of the line nutrition, nutrition counseling, retreats, Teacher Trainings, and workshops to provide mindful evolution and personal growth for all people seeking these rewards in life. It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to find your bliss at Mind Your Body Oasis.


Our Guides

Meet the Instructors and Therapists who will help guide you down the path of complete and total wellness from within.



If you are interested in working with like-minded individuals who believe in making the world a better place? Look no further! We are always seeking Massage Therapists, Fitness Instructors, Energy Practitioners, and Holistic Professionals.


Contact us

Need more information? We are always here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our facilities. Even if you want to chat and say “Hi”. Please contact us and we will be sure to get right back to you.