Refund Policy

Mind Your Body Oasis has a very strict NO REFUND POLICY. All sales are final. Exchange or Store Credit only. No Exceptions!

Mind Your Body Oasis reserves the right to substitute, cancel, add, delete, and/or change programs, classes, services, amenities, instructors, and/or class types at the sole discretion of management, and assumes absolutely no liability for any such changes at any time.

Appointment / Workshop Cancellation Policy

Please note that cancellations under 24 hours and no show results in having to pay for 100% of treatment/workshop scheduled. All reservations made online must be paid in advance. Appointments scheduled for clients at the studio must have a current credit card on file.

Attendance Rewards Policy

Clients who pre-register online for classes and honor their reservation will accumulate rewards.

1 class pre-registered and attended = 1 Point
**pre-registration must be done 2 hours before the start of Class

20 Points = Free 30 min Infrared Sauna Session or $10 MYBO Store credit

Class Cancellation Policy

In order to maintain the integrity of our group classes please be mindful of the class schedule online. In order to run all of our scheduled classes, we will only cancel class if no students are enrolled 2 hours prior to the class start time. Please develop and honor the yogic path with your actions. Commitments are meant to be made and honored. To prevent any class cancelations you may enroll in classes via our Website, the MINDBODY app, via email, or calling the studio. Namaste.

Early Cancel

Early Cancellations must be submitted 2 hours prior to class time. Clients may Early Cancel a booked class 2 hours or more before class time without a penalty. Class cancellations can be submitted via your online account, the MINDBODY app, via email, calling or texting our member hotline (571) 317-0343.

Late Cancel- $5

Late Cancelation is a class cancelled within 2 hours of class start time. We understand sometimes an unexpected absence can occur, but every late cancellation is subject to the $5 fee. As of January 1st, 2019 all late cancellations will charged. - There is no waiving of the fee on the first occurrence.  You may not see the fees charged on the same day of the occurrence.

Absent No Show/ No Cancel- $10

An Absent No-Show/No-Cancel means reserving a class but not attending and not canceling out of the class. An Absent No Show/ No Cancel is different from Late Canceling, an Absent No Show means not attending and not canceling out of class. We ask that you ALWAYS cancel out of class if you cannot attend. If you reserve a spot and do not cancel out of class you will be charged the full Single Class Drop-in rate, which is a $10 charge to your member account.

Please note, this is aimed to be a preventative measure rather than a penalty. Rewards will be given to students who sign up early and honor their reservations. Our goal is to run every single class on the schedule and have a clear representation of students attending.

Note: There is no graces occurrences or waiving No Shows/No Cancel fees. All No Shows and No Cancels incur an automatic $10 charge. No Exceptions. Unlimited Members are not exempt. Credit Card information must be provided to secure reservations and appointments.


If you paid for a Single Class Drop-In or have a Trial Class and incur a Late Cancellation or Absent No Show/No Cancel this will not result in additional charges but results in the forfeiture of the class fee paid. No additional fees will be charged but you will not be able to use the class at a later time. A missed class cannot be transferred or used for another date. No Exceptions.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are NOT allowed in the practice studios. Before the start of class, please stow away your phone with personal belongings outside of the studio. Phones and smart watches should be put in airplane mode.

Phones used by Teachers are for documenting classes and music only!

With respect and in honoring this space, we kindly ask that you follow this rule and assist us in enforcing it as well!

Use this time to disconnect.

Auto Pay Policy

All Auto Pay Monthly Contracts must be honored for 90 days. After which 30 days notice may be given to terminate contracts. All contracts are for 12 months and automatically renew.