Studio Etiquette

  • Please pre-register online if possible and always check-in upon arrival for class

  • Remove shoes upon entering studio.

  • The studio offers mens’ and womens’ changing rooms and cubbies. Please do not take shoes, bags, or personal belongings in the yoga room.

  • Please turn off or silence your phone when you arrive. There is no cell phone use in the studio area due to ongoing classes and massages.

  • Please use soft/inside voices in the hallway so you don’t disrupt the massages taking place. Please utilize the courtyard In front of the studio to socialize.

  • Proper attire is required.

  • Please observe basic hygiene when attending yoga class. Wipe sweat from the floor with a hand towel.

  • For all Hot Yoga classes, towels that cover your yoga mat are required! (We rent towels).

  • No gum chewing allowed during class.

  • Please do not lean on or touch the mirrors in the yoga room unless needed for balance or required by the instructor.

  • Please do not run out of class as soon as final breathing is over in hot hatha classes. Savasana is one of the most important elements of your practice!

  • Try your best to focus on your own body and your own practice. Comparison is the thief of joy; Don’t measure yourself by another person’s abilities.

Where are you located?

Mind Your Body Oasis is conveniently located in the heart of Crystal City right off of Crystal Drive in the 1750 Crystal Shops, between 18th and 15th St. The Crystal Drive street entrance is the main mall entrance at Morton’s and across from the Waterpark. On the Shop’s directory, we are Suite 39B.

What should I Wear?

Please wear comfortable and non-restrictive clothing. Athletic attire is best. We do not wear shoes in the studio. Please be prepared to take off your socks and shoes.

What if I am not flexible?

We hear this statement all of the time. We come to yoga to become more flexible in the body and mind. Individuals with stiff bodies will benefit from yoga by gaining increased mobility in the joints and muscles. A naturally flexible person will benefit from yoga by gaining strength. Yoga is not about being or getting flexible, it is about bringing balance to your body.

What are the benefits of practicing yoga?

The physical benefits of yoga are many. Yoga increases strength, flexibility and vitality; all systems of the body benefit from increased function. The more subtle benefits to yoga are relaxation and self-awareness. Through your yoga practice you will develop the ability to handle stress and have clearer, calmer more positive thoughts.

Do Men do yoga?

Yes! Lots of them. The yoga tradition has actually evolved to include women relatively recently in its long history. The original teachers and gurus were exclusively male.

How often should i attend?

We generally recommend attending classes at least 2-3 times a week; however a student should never allow unrealistic expectations to clout their practice. The benefits of just a single class per week is worth your time and energy

do I need to pre-register for classes?

Pre-registration is not required, however it is best to do so. We can not guarantee that classes will be run, or that spots will be available if students do not pre-register. You can sign up online, via email, by calling, and using the MINDBODY app.

what if i have physical issues?

Yoga is for everybody! Yoga can be very therapeutic for the body, mind and spirit while facing a physical discomfort in the body. Always inform your instructor of any issues you may be experiencing, for example: back, neck, shoulder or knee pain, blood pressure issues or pregnancy. We offer a wide range of classes for all body types.

which classes are appropriate for beginners?

All of our classes are taught to all-levels. Some classes may be more gentle than others. If you are interested in gentle yoga these classes may suit you best: Yoga Wall, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Gentle Therapeutics Yoga. Please read all class descriptions for better understanding of each class.

What should I bring with me to class?

We have everything you will need for your first yoga class. We provide all props for class and have mat and towel rentals available. Should you chose to maintain a consistent practice we encourage you to obtain your own mat. Our yoga shop sells everything you could need for your practice.

what are the benefits of massage?

Massage promotes relaxation, reduces stress, aids in pain management, improved cardiovascular health, enhance exercise performance, increase range of motion, decrease migraines, relieves muscle tension, and much more.

what do i need to bring to a sauna appointment?

Please remember to always stay hydrated when using the Infrared Sauna. For your sauna appointments you will need to bring a large towel. You may dress down to your comfort level. Our saunas are reserved by appointment only, they are completely private. The less you wear the more effectively the infrared gets absorbed.