Teacher Training Testimonials

If you are on the fence about joining the MYBO Yoga Teacher Training program this testimonial is for you…yes you!!! Bottom line up front: DO IT…as it will change your life. I have been coming to MYBO off and on since I moved to the area in June of 2016. Every time I left the studio I not only felt invigorated because I had a good workout but mostly because of the sweet sensation I felt after yoga. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would become a yoga teacher because like many others I always think my yoga poses don’t look like the teachers’ poses or other advanced students I see in class all of the time. I finally took the leap and decided to take the training to deepen my own practice and within days realized that I could teach because yoga isn’t about looking like anyone else. Yoga is about your own journey and coming as you are each and every day of your practice. Once I realized that, I knew mine was a journey that I should share with others who I know think exactly the way I used to. This Yoga Teacher Training experience has opened my mind and heart to the beautiful and kind teachings of yoga in a way I could have never imagined. The MYBO teachers are genuinely invested in each of our journeys no matter where it is taking us. The ladies in my teacher training class are my yoga sisters for life now and I am so thankful to have been able to share this journey with all of them. Take the leap and start your journey so one day you can share it with all of us. I look forward to you becoming a MYBO Angel soon.
— Candice
Completing my 200-hour, Yoga Alliance approved, teacher training at Mind Your Body Oasis was a truly life-enhancing experience. The structure and size of the training allowed for a personalized, unique learning environment. The instructors (Amanda, Soozie, and Yolunda) are welcoming, generous with their knowledge and their time, and are exceptionally well-qualified. Through the training, I developed an appreciation of all that yoga has to offer both on AND off the mat. Furthermore, MYBO as a whole has a positive, community vibe that is so fun it sucks you in and makes you feel supported and excited to learn. I highly recommend this training.
— Julia
I was hesitant about doing the teacher training at first because I wasn’t confident enough in myself; however, this has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I have found the confidence in my practice, as well as my voice to guide other’s practices. I had no idea how much information I was missing out on, and this training has provided me with extensive information a variety of topics! The diversity found in this training was more than I could’ve asked for, and I’m incredibly happy to be a part of it! Not to mention, I have connected with a group of wonderful yoginis as a bonus. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be guided by some incredible instructors, and can’t wait to use this foundation to further my practice, as well as share my passion with others, every day to come.
— Lena
Yoga teacher training at MYBO truly changed so much in my life. You learn far more than just yoga asanas and how to teach. The program at MYBO teaches so much that many yoga teacher training programs do not, as it is incredibly comprehensive for a 200 hour program. What was most meaningful for me was the way you are forced to delve deep into yourself. I can say without question that I came out of training much more alive and happy than I have been in years. Yoga had already started the work I needed in that direction and training took that to another level.

If you are thinking about it, I would say do it. Ask the teachers you trust what they think. Ask those of us who went through the program, as we are happy to share our experience. I went into training to deepen my own practice and never intended to teach. I came out after the end passionate and yearning to teach. I never anticipated that and laugh now because the best things are what we do not see coming! I opened myself up to the journey of teacher training and I only hope you will do the same. You never know where it will take you! For me, I grew personally and found a passion I want to share with others. I also gained several lifelong friends from my fellow trainees and the teachers who led our journey. I can only say if you are curious and thinking about it, know it will be hard work. Yet it will be worth every moment and sore muscle along the way!
— Michelle